this is what james brown was talking about when he sang "hot damn! its -20 degrees outside!!!"

wow, its been pretty cold outside the past couple of days.

at this moment (not yours, mine) the internet says "it feels like -31 degrees". i would have to disagree as i think "it feels like cold as fuck."

you can't put a number on "cold as fuck".

though if you had to i imagine it would be -31.

here's a picture to represent how cold it is

can you feel it? huh? huh?

yay, aggressiveness!!!

another thing i dislike (hate is a hurtful word) about the weather is the amount of layers i have to put on just to go to the corner store. its like five. five layers, of clothing. i end up feeling like randy.

not him.


the only cool thing is the head gear i get to rock. i'm talking knitted beanie, hoodie, scarf, glasses, everything you could want in battle. yeah, i feel like a knight. but one who lives in a cold climate. perhaps a canadian knight whose glasses are fogged/froze over. in the end he'll slip on some ice and lay on his back an extra minute before he gets up to realizes he forgot to get butter at the grocery store. fucking butter. always something essential to the meal never something you can go with out. fucking butter.

i couldn't see out of my glasses...

but still, i could slay any dragon. weapon of choice, one of those cool oozies LA gang bangers used in movies like "colors" and "boyz 'n da hood"(not sure of spelling)

oh by the by, matty o got a hedgehog.

i remember thinking , why?

he explained how much fun they could be, how they were great with people, very energetic and will bite on your nipples.

so yeah, matty o got a hedgehog.

if i ever meet a female canadian knight these are the sexy eyes i will give her,

last night was so cold i decided to stay in and go over bill and julie's house to watch a movie. so not technically staying in but pretty close.

once the blackhawks game was done (they won 4-1) we threw on the ol movie player.

the movie choice for the evening was "pineapple express". a buddy stoner film with a little edge in all the right places.

if you were there and this scene was on it would have been a lot like this...

but you weren't. next time.

i enjoyed it, funny throughout.

bill thought it was ok, pissed only the first 25-30 minutes were in 3D than slowly faded to a more 2-D TV vibe type of thing.

victor was completely indifferent,